Have you ever put your keys in the ignition and drove until the gas tank was empty?  Have you ever bought a pair of pants that definitely don’t match anything in your wardrobe?  Have you ever sent a text message to your crush?!  In recent weeks, I have been trying to be more spontaneous and courageous.  I even considered chopping off my gorgeous, long hair.  When life feels monotonous and dull, spontaneity is one of the safest ways to ignite some sparks.

Obviously, there is a spontaneity spectrum ranging from a new syrup flavor in your iced coffee, to buying a one way plane ticket to some small island in the Bahamas, but either way, those changes can be beneficial.  If you feel like your life needs some perking up, here is a very small list (considering all of your options) of ways to spruce up your days and weeks.  I am going to attempt to arrange it from safest to most insane, in terms of how outgoing and crazy the task is.  I hope you consider giving some of them a try!

  • Exercise! If you already do, try something new, like, cycling classes, blogilates, or even pole dancing!
  • Eat somewhere new. Branch out to new coffee shops, restaurants, and bars for new foods and environments.
  • Expand your wardrobe.  FInd a shirt, a pair of shoes, or some funky socks that will turn heads.
  • Take a road trip! Block out your weekend and just get out of town for a few days for some simple and cheap exploration.
  • Text an old friend or a new crush.  It’s hard, and it takes courage, and I still can’t do it, but imagine the possibilities!
  • Catch up on your religion. Pick up your religious book of choice, and go. Learn up. See what you don’t know yet. Understand.
  • No surprise here: grab that plane ticket, and go.

Look, obviously my mind isn’t ready to make a huge list of crazy ideas that you can do to add a little excitement for your life.  To be vague, try new things, read books, travel, talk to strangers, shop in new stores, or cut your hair off.  Only you can make the change.


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