Bikini Season Approaching

Some people have been squatting and putting miles on their Nike’s since the beginning of January, and some people have yet to put their new athletic gear in action after a determined online purchase on January 2nd.  Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there is no denying that warmer weather and the “bikini” season is creeping up on us.

Confidence is a major theme when dealing with warmer weather, bathing suits, and showing more skin, regardless of age or gender.  I am going to repeat every single person who has ever written a post or blurb on bathing suits.  I do not care if you have some cellulite, a six pack, love handles, a tummy, toned biceps, wide hips, or even a tan.  Your body is yours, and no one can say anything about it.  Your confidence and the smile you wear on your face while enjoying your time in the water or on the sand is the singularly greatest thing you could wear.

A few simple things can boost confidence while you’re out at the beach or pool.

  • i always recommend having a cute swimsuit.  There are cute bikinis, tankinis, and one pieces in all different styles and colors and price ranges.  You may have to dig for awhile, but it’s only April, so I have confidence you will find something!  Shoutout to the men: you too can find nicer board shorts or swim gear at other places than Scheels or American Eagle.  It may sound girly, but get on Etsy or Wanelo.  Google exactly what you want.  Whether you want something preppy, funny, tribal, simple, or graphic, it’s out there, it just takes a search!
  • Look for cool accessories.  Honestly, I always feel fabulous in my Ray Bans no matter what outfit I’m wearing.  Even if Ray Bans aren’t in your budget, you can find sunglasses under $10 at places like Forever 21, Target, Wal-Mart, and many other retailers.  Find a pair that you feel like a celebrity in, because, like I have been saying, confidence is key.  (It also helps me avoid eye contact/ignore people easier, if that convinces you)
  • Rock a sunhat!  Snapbacks, floppy hats, fedoras, visors, fishing hats. I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl.  You can put any of these on your pretty little heads, and protect youreself from harmful rays while looking fresh.  Bring hats back in this season, I’m serious!
  • Bathing Suit Cover Ups. Unfortunately for men, a coverup isn’t actually a thing.  I do, however, think you could find a nice short-sleeved button up shirt, for a beachy feel.  You’ll look like you came straight out of a J. Crew add! As for the ladies, you can find coverups everywhere, and there are so many options to choose from!  I am in love with the knitted cardigan coverups.  No one wants to wear a knit to the pool, but I just like the look.  A white mesh tunic can also show off your bathing suit while covering you up at the same time, to keep your confidence high, while letting everyone see your awesome bikini print!

To conclude, confidence is key, but there are so many things you can do to enhance it.  Look, I’m the most self-conscious human being I have ever known, but I will take advantage of big sunglasses and floppy hats so I can not only be protected by the sun, but to also look like a diva on the sand.  I hope you can take the time to find a bathing suit that you love.  With the high-waisted bottoms, and so many different cuts, and prints, and price ranges, there is DEFINITELY a bathing suit out there for you.  If you want it, you just have to find it. Happy hunting!


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