Let’s Run Away


My stomach is constantly in knots.  My nerves have never felt on fire like they do right now.  My eyes are bored with the repetition.  I am sick of Nebraska and everything around me.  The only thing holding back is my understanding of reality.  Even if I took my bonds out of the bank, I would blow through them in a few, short months, and I would be back home in plain, old, boring Lincoln, Nebraska.

In recent weeks, I have been craving to cash out my entire savings account, head to the airport, and never look back.  I’m not really running from anything, so much as I’d be running towards something new. Maybe I would go to New York, and stay at a hostel for a little while, just to get a small taste of the city.  Once I’m bored there, I’ll hop on another plane to London, or Amsterdam, or Paris.

Is it so absurd for me to not want to study right now or get a career? Is it so crazy that I want to explore the planet I’m on? I don’t want a six-figure income, three cars in my huge mansion, or a yacht.  I want plane tickets. I want to experience what it is to be human.  I want to meet the people, hear the languages, eat the food, see the fashion, watch the culture, climb mountains, swim oceans, and anything in between.  Why the hell do I want to waste money I could spend traveling and living my life to the fullest on tuition for a job in a cubicle?

I don’t know if this gives me a hippie mindset, but I cannot be the only person who thinks like this.  Why is it so frowned upon to take an adventure?  Of course during my trip to Italy I won’t learn anything about genetic material in cells, but, in all honesty, I don’t find value in that anyway, but someone somewhere finds that more important.

One semester abroad won’t work for me.  I don’t want to be bound by the rules and coursework school will bring.  I want to be a free human and watch the world from all the peaks and valleys on the planet.  My own self-fulfillment will not come with a bachelors degree, or a job with a 401K, but with the experience of what is making my world go around.

My limited time in both Mexico and Nicaragua have kept me excited for whatever else the world has out there.  I don’t know what there is to be found, but there is only one way to properly find out..



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