Round Two

This morning, I went out to the mailbox to find my second college acceptance letter waiting for me.  Without too much backstory, I spent last year at an all-girls college and hated it, came home and spent this year at the community college taking general classes while trying to figure out how to get my ass to the east coast while saving a significant amount of money, and that pretty well sums it up.

Being on the east coast is all I have ever dreamed of.  I haven’t wanted anything else.  Now that I have spent a year at home, I have made some realizations about myself and my own self-fulfillment.  Traveling and exploring the world seems so much more intriguing than going to sit at a school for the next two years so that I can walk away with a Bachelor’s Degree and $60,000 in debt.  I am really trying to focus on what is important.  Do I have to behave exactly as society is telling me to just so my family can stop worrying about my future?  In the end, is my degree going to be worth it? I can’t say.

I am almost certain that I will be going to college this fall at a “proper” school, just so I can escape Nebraska and stop being a disappointment to all those who once had high hopes for me.  Last May, when I decided not to go back to my all-girls school, I said I was finally going to make a life for myself that included my own happiness, instead of doing things to ensure others are happy.  Unfortunately, that goal of mine may be pushed back two more years.

I apologize this post may not be so informational, or even creative.  I need this for my own reflection. I also just felt like venting, and my blog seemed to be the most perfect place to do so.  Any comments, positive thoughts, good vibes, prayers, or cyber love would be appreciated greatly.


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