Let Me Take A Selfie.

British boybands and cat videos on youtube have had their time to shine, but this new era that is evolving might stay a little longer.  Celebrities, political figures, and even toddlers have been thrown into the booming era of the selfie, and personally, I love it.

Young people are more self-conscious than ever.  It is so easy to see that my nose is crooked, yet incredibly difficult to admit and accept that I have gorgeous eyes.  I can easily tell myself to hurry to the gym and eat more vegetables, but I still struggle to be proud of the weight that I have lost.  I believe this is the case because everywhere I look, and everything I read tells me how I can improve myself for the better.

When I search “#selfie” on Instagram, I get 109,423,653 results.  That is 109,423,653 people who love their makeup, or hair, or eyes, or outfit, or face today.  I am so happy for all of those people.  I am so happy that they are confident about their appearance, and that they want to share their confidence and pride with their followers and friends and families.

Before you go and complain about that girl who posts a selfie at least twice a day on her Facebook profile, or the guy who’s always showing off after an intense work out at the gym, take a breather and keep it to yourself.  Reassurance regarding appearance isn’t a bad thing.  Having your friends and family right there on social media to love you just like you do is so beautiful to me. So drop the negativity, and spread the positive comments to keep body image and confidence high where it belongs.

Self-love is one of my favorite kinds of love.  While I was growing up, it was so difficult for me to like how I looked, which made it incredibly challenging to love who I was as a human.  Some people might call you cocky, or say you have a big head for pointing out your own beauty. I disagree. In this day and age, where media likes to tell you how to fix your imperfections rather than embrace your differences from other people, loving yourself is everything.

Don’t put the selfie movement on blast.  Feeling proud? Want to show everyone the new shirt you just bought? Eyebrow game strong today? Take a selfie.



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