Tornado Warnings

As a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, I have experienced my fair share of outrageous thunderstorms and tornado warnings.  Vacillating weather is the foundation of this city, but still, I’m twenty years into this relationship, and I am unhappy and afraid

I can remember being five years old, and playing outside in my backyard the first time I heard the wailing tornado sirens.  My mom was in the graden and didn’t bat an eye. I screamed and sprinted towards the back door.  I remember scrambling down the basement steps and hiding in the corner by the dryer under a heavy blanket. I was crying as the thunder boomed.  I stayed in my blanket cocoon until the storm outside passed.  I went back upstairs after an absense of thunder.

My reaction to tornado sirens have become slightly less dramatic, but I’m still a baby and my anxiety peaks whenever I see red on a weather forecast. I don’t run to the basement anymore, and I don’t cry (that often), but I do stay fairly safe by avoiding the windows and not stormchasing like some people out there.

For all of my fellow midwesterners, stay safe this tornado season. Don’t sip beer on the porch while you watch the tornado destroy your garage.  Be a good role model for the young people in your life.

P.S. I feel obligated to let you all know that I’m writing this in the midst of a tornado warning as the sirens are blaring.  I’m on my front porch listening to Beyonce.  If I’m not a hypocrite for writing the previous paragraph, I don’t know what I am.


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