Tinder Game Strongest


Online dating is an odd thought for a 20-year old, however having an app for it is a whole different game.  A few months ago, a co-worker of mine told me about Tinder.  She had experienced a rough breakup, and was using the app to hook up and have fun with guys.  After being home and single with zero dates for over eight months, I thought Tinder might be a good solution.  Even if it flopped, I could have a good story to tell.

I have to be honest. I was obsessed with Tinder.  I was swiping through guys more regularly than I was checking Twitter (which is serious dedication).  Because everyone is on the app for different reasons, it took a little bit of research to figure out what each match’s goal was.  Some guys wanted casual hookups while some were on a serious hunt for a potential future wife.  I had no idea what I was looking for, other than a cute face to look at (or someone to make out with, but the memory is fuzzy).

Of all the potential errors that can occur with Tinder, my biggest flaw was one within myself: my anxiety.  It was so difficult for me to commit to some random guy that just happened to be in my area.  It didn’t matter if he had a large vocabulary, dressed to the nines, or had cats, I was simply scared.  Finally, after messaging an incredibly sweet and insanely cute guy for a couple of days, I agreed to get coffee with him.

I was headed to the coffeeshop straight from my biology lab, so I didn’t have time to talk myself out of it.  As I drove down P street, I saw him sitting by one of the support beams, just like he said he would.  From my streetview, he looked gorgeous.  I remember that I started to physically shake.  I was debating just driving home; never to think about it again.  I couldn’t.  He didn’t deserve it.  My anxiety could not be the reason to ruin someone else’s night.  I parked my car, spent a solid three minutes meditating to calm myself down, and walked in the doors.  He didn’t seem nervous, but he is so talkitive and easy-going, that it would be hard to ever tell.  We spent the two hours making very small talk, and continuing getting to know each other.  It was so simple.

Our coffeehouse date lead to mini-golf and cake pops, which lead to a sushi date, which lead to art walks, nature walks, silly tv shows, baking, and countless dinners.  I love spending time with him.  I smile whenever I get a text from him.  I think it’s adorable that he calls me by my last  name instead of my first.  I think it’s incredible that I found him on Tinder.

You know when you say to someone, “How are you even single?!”  That’s the exact feeling I have with him, constantly.  I hate to be so mushy and emotional, becuase typically that is the opposite of who I am as a human, but he is great.  He is so kind and gentle.  He is funny and protective.  He is so smart and witty.  I used to be asked what my type was, and I was unsure.  Granted, having a type can be a little absurd, but when I look at him or think of him, I can only think that he is exactly my type.  I have nothing but compliments about him.

Tinder may be off-putting for some, because of the reputation.  I have so many friends who are dating people they met online, or on apps.  I have heard stories from countless friends about good and bad experiences with Tinder, but I have to say, my Tinder game is the strongest of all.  I am unbelievably thankful for what has become with our relationship.  Nothing is official, but I can dream big.


*I kept his name out of this post, because I didn’t tell him I was writing about him, nor did I ask his permission.  I just want to stay on his good side, obviously.


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