Music Your Ears Need

Sometimes we all want to try out some new music, or our original playlist is overplayed, or we just want to branch out.  Here are some of my recommendations! I would really love your top music picks right now! I’m all about new music.

Best Day Of My Life: American Authors

Okay. Best Day Of My Life has been on the radio for a few months now, and if you follow the American Authors, you may know that the song has been out even longer.  However, you can find amazing remixes on YouTube.  I’ll admit, I feel like the original is getting a little bit overplayed, but this remix I heard fairly recently is something magical.  (I am also a sucker for violins. The intro is gorgeous.)

Happy: Pharrell Williams

I don’t mean to be repetitive, but Happy was almost boring me because I heard it everywhere.  Thanks to a boy named Hayden, I now know this beautiful remix.  Happy is, once again, a favorite of mine.


Don’t: Ed Sheeran

If you’ve already been an Ed Sheeran fan, this his style is the same, but this sounds a little more “adult.”  If you aren’t a fan of his, yet, I highly recommend giving this song, or any off of his new album “X” a shot.  I have nothing but compliments for the artist.  I love his music, I love his lyrics, I love him. (I follow his twitter account, so I feel like I know him on a first-name basis.)  Anyway, this song is more upbeat.  Listen to the lyrics.  Appreciate his falsetto.  GO!


Girls Chase Boys: Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson has a gorgeous voice, and this song is upbeat and fun, and it makes me want to put on a dress and go play outside.  I don’t know why that would ever convince anyone to listen to a song, but I am not a music critic.  I am simply recommending some new tunes for your summer playlist, and this one is a must-have.


Dangerous: Big Data ft. Joywave

I am a girly girl, I follow the rules, I brush my teeth at least two times a day, but I am a stern believer that everyone needs a song on their iPod that makes them feel rebellious.  This would be the perfect track to take on roadtrips.  It reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys mixed with a little bit of Fitz and the Tantrums.  Give it a listen, let me know what you think.

(I wasn’t a fan of the actual music video, so overlook that.)

Those were my top five songs as of right now! I hope you enjoy listening and branching out into some funky remixes or different artists.  Please leave comments on your favorite artists or songs below. I’m dying to update my workout playlist.





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