Major Life Update

I apologize for not posting in the past month or so.  I have been incredibly busy working one of the biggest life transitions I have ever worked through.  Aside from traveling in South Dakota and working my ass off at Forever 21 the past two months, I have also been preparing and packing for my move to Oswego, New York.

I moved into my dorm last Thursday night, and spent the next three days attending orientation sessions and soaking up as much time with my dad before he flew back to Nebraska.  Yesterday I had my first day of classes as a Junior in college!  I had my Intro to Cinema and Screen studies first.  My teacher is a riot and uses profanity more than necessary, but I love it.  After that, I had my Intro to Digital Humanities course.  I am still not entirely sure what this class will entail, but the professor is nice and he mentioned it has a lot to do with social media, computers, and various other technologies.  Finally, last night, I went to my screening session for my Cinema class and watched Jaws.  Let me tell you, I was not intimidated yesterday.  Today, however, was a completely different story.  My first class this morning is Intro to Cinema Production.  I am already intimidated by the production side of film.  There are 11 students in the class.  I am just nervous that I will not perform up to standards.  I am much stronger in the writing areas of film, versus production aspects.  My second class was my Ethnicity and Cultural Differences in Literature course.  The teacher mumbles, the room was packed, it’s a 90 minute class.  It sounds interesting, but I’m still uneasy with it in it’s entirety.

I am a recluse, as sad as that is to admit.  I’m thinking about which groups, clubs, or activities to partake in so that I can at least make a few friends.  I’m considering auditioning for the musical.  I’m considering sigining up for choir.  I’m also considering going Greek.  I am from Lincoln, Nebraksa, and the Greek system there is huge!  I’ve never had any desire to be in a sorority, however, I feel like it would be a good way to make sincere friends!  Those sisterhood bonds are unbreakable! (Do you smell the sarcasm?)  Aside from those three, I may look more closely into some clubs or organizations.  I love writing, so working for the newspaper could be fun.  I might look into the TV and Broadcasting network, or radio station.  I will keep you all posted. 

How is the switch from Nebraska to New York, you may be asking?  It’s fine.  Oswego is a lakeside town, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I live on the shore of Lake Ontario, and can see the water from my bed.   It is absolute tranquility.  Because I didn’t hop right into downtown Manhattan, I am not overwhelmed.  I just miss my friends and family back in the midwest.

So here’s to a good semester!  May high grades and scholarly papers keep me afloat.  I anticipate many memories and new friends.  Maybe I will conquer my fear of water.  Prayer circle for my film production courses.  Hopefully my health consciousness will prevent any unhealthy habits from sneaking in.  Let’s hope for no all-nighters.  And finally, I hope my dedication to my academics will land me a spot in the Tau Sigma Honors Society.  I wish the same for all of my fellow college goers.  Let’s make this first semester a good one.


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