Sleep Deprivation on the East Coast

I have had my fair share of late nights melting into early mornings for finals weeks, work, travel, and various other events back in the Midwest.  Granted, those sleep deprived days were far and few between, because I am a pro at time management.  Now that I’m in New York, I am really struggling to put in a full eight hours (hell, I can’t even hit six) in my bed, and it’s affecting me.

I knew I would have a rough time getting to sleep or staying asleep the first few nights due to anxiety, but I have always adapted in the past, and anticipated to do so here as well.  I have been sleeping on my old dorm room mattress now for three weeks and my body and brain still refuse to align and let me have a peaceful slumber.

Some of it isn’t biological issues.  Sometimes my roommate thinks its okay to stay up until three in the morning talking on the phone with her boyfriend, with the lights on, with music.  Sometimes, her boyfriend gives her wake up calls at six in the morning.  No one can sleep through that.  Sometimes, underclassmen run through the hallways or by the window shrieking at odd hours of the night.  Sometimes a door slams.  Sometimes there’s fire drills.

I cannot stress how important my sleep is to me, and not being able to sleep as much as I did in the past may affect my schoolwork.  It stresses me out.  I get  headaches and my anxiety peaks.  My lack of sleep, honestly, is hitting my health fairly hard, and I am unsure what I should do.  Obviously, going to college is signing up to sleep less.  Your tuition dollars ensure you will have plenty of papers to write while the clock mocks you.

I have no plans on confronting my roommate regarding the issues I would consider her fault until it is actually a consistent problem.  My own anxiety keeps me awake/wakes me up, and I have never had this problem before, so I don’t know where to turn for that either.  This post was primarily to vent about my lack of sleep simply because I’m bitter about the significant drop in hours spent in REM.  Prayer circle for all of my fellow pupils out there who have dark circles under their eyes  paired with coffee breath every morning but high GPAs in their back pocket.  Only three months until Christmas break!


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