Big Leggings

This morning was like most mornings.  I woke up, looked at the hour on my clock, groaned, rolled out of bed and faced my dark circles in the mirror.  I made a quick decision to go get coffee and fruit before getting ready for class.  Due to the lack of washers and dryers and surplus of dirty clothes in my laundry basket, I only had one pair of leggings to choose from.  It is my most stiff pair of cotton pants.  They look equestrian and I avoid wearing them at all causes because I feel like they widen my hips to a dangerous level.  Sadly, I had no other comfortable option, and I wasn’t about to put jeans on for the walk over to breakfast, so I sucked up my self consciousness and pulled the uncomfortable leggings up.  To my surprise, the fabric was loose around my thighs.  This is a victory I thought I would never experience.  (Fourteen years of softball does vast things to your thighs.)  The once uncomfortable, stiff, unflattering leggings now fall upon my legs,  as though there isn’t enough to fill them.  I am elated.

Why is this a story one that needs to be shared?  I am the most self-conscious girl I have ever encountered in my life.  I analyze every curve, hair, scar, bone, chipped nail, and freckle on my body rigorously.  I have been working on getting my body to where I want it to be so I don’t have to resemble a husky softball pitcher for the rest of my days, especially as I embark on my endeavors in film and the arts.  I’m not here to promote smaller bodies, weight loss, or anything of the like, I am simply sharing a small victory I experienced this morning.  I have had these leggings for two years now, and to have spandex-like cotton not cling to me is almost dreamy.  It is evident that my hard work of exercise and dieting (as well as stress) is paying off.




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