Cutting Coffee


One of my most intense passions as of recent years is coffee.  I have grown addicted to the coffee bean in any form.  If its chocolate covered, I’ll eat them.  If its ground up in ice cream, yes.  If it’s a latte, or granita, or a black brewed mug full of dark roast, I will drink it without hesitation.  Coffee has fueled me since I started college, but recently, I made a significant change.

Two weeks ago, I decided to switch from coffee to green tea.  I know, all coffee-drinkers are gasping.  As a coffee snob, myself, I didn’t think I would be able to follow through, but here I am two weeks later.  I go through phases of drinking tea, and with all of the stress of being at a new school, actually filming for classes, and the standard anxiety, I took the coffee out of my diet.

I was worried, at first, becuase I relied heavily on my morning cup of coffee to even think about functioning at an elementary level.  Sure, green tea is fine, but would it do the same as my hazelnut coffee? The thing is, I don’t know.  After two weeks, I am thriving with green tea in my system.  I feel healthier.  Because I don’t work out as intensively as I did when I was back home, green tea helps my metabolism a little bit more than coffee might.  The tea, also, doesn’t weigh me down.  I feel like the coffee just sits in my stomach.

Of course, I still take a sneaky trip to Tim Hortons to get a hazelnut latte or dirty chai.  National Coffee Day was not denied because I am momentarily taking tea.  Coffee is staying in my heart, and hopefully, I’ll get that back in my veins sooner rather than later.  Currently, I am happy with how the green tea makes me feel.  I feel energized and hydrated.  What more can I ask for?


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