For Hayden

(In celebration of my boyfriend coming up to visit me this weekend, I may have wrote a little something out of my joy.)

The more you talk to me, the more I am in awe of you,

I am absolutely speechless that you are mine

and I am yours

and we are truly, madly, wildly, awfully in love.

My heart voles across wood panels

beaming elation throughout red woolen seats.

You are oil on dry, cracked knuckles

softening all I am into a melting puddle of

silent, affectionate paste.

There are cravings in my core that have been here for days

like seeing Saturn

and running marathons

and a hot, hazelnut latte

and you.

Always you.

Day or night or wind or Tuesday

three-hour lectures

rolling under my quilt

drinking alone on Fridays

all of my breaths

all of my fibers

all of my idle minutes

are spent with the everlasting thought of you.

You occupy so much of me

considering you are 1200 miles away.


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