Creative Bliss

I study film in upstate New York, for all those that are unaware.  I am an aspiring screenwriter, director, and actor.  I love creating characters, stories, and ideas.  Majority of my experience is with writing and acting.  I love writing, because I have complete control, and I choose how the story is told.  Having absolute power, for the time being, is liberating.  Acting is liberating in a different way.  I collaborate with other actors and a director to help and build a vision.  It’s challenging, but evolving into a different person for a little while is always fun.  Writing and acting have always been major sources of happiness for me.

Although I have been writing for a long time, my scripts and other writing stays in a folder on my computer, or heads to my blog.  Either way, not a lot of eyes have seen it, and I have only heard my own voice ever read it.  I get incredibly nervous to share it.

For a recent project in one of my production classes, I decided to be confident and brave, and I offered to write the script for our three-minute short film.  It was basically a monologue for a schizophrenic-type character.  I emailed it to my group, anxiously awaiting critique.  Everyone agreed it was good, and we got to production.  Sitting on set and  watching my own work being created was so fulfilling.  Having an actor read my script, in character, was mesmorizing.

Recently, I’ve been questioning a lot of my future goals.  I am certain that screenwriting and direction is still very much where I would like to end up.  To be able to wake up and watch my creation transform from paper to a live motion picture everyday would be sublime.  This short project has given me more motivation than ever to think of new, quirky characters and stories.  I am so excited to see what I get accomplished in the next three semesters here, as well as my future as a whole.


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