I often go back to unedited pieces.  I wrote this exactly a year ago.  I enjoy analyzing my growth as a person, as well as my development as a writer.

His kiss stuck to her neck like rosin and the only “I love you” she ever wanted to hear was caught somewhere in between his stomach and ears.

He craved the curve of her spine in the middle of the night and she addressed her modesty expertly in ways he feared. Her innocence and submissive nature still overpowered his strong jaw because the love he couldn’t express was so gentle and clean. He wouldn’t blink because he refused to allow time to pass without her in sight.

Although he loved her infinitely, he never shared his sentiment. That is the regret he holds heaviest in his core.

She left him in early winter due to her concerns of his affection. She was fearful for mistrust. But before he could twist his tongue once more in hopes to persuade his ruby to stay, she dissolved into a black dust leaving the sweetest stain on his chest and a melancholy memory in his skull.


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