Tis the Season to be Thankful

Now that we are fully engulfed in the holiday season, with Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas and New Years within the next month, we are in loving spirits and thankful for every blessing.  I don’t say thank you nearly as often as I should, but I have quite a few things to be thankful for.  Read onward for insight on what I’ve been thankful for in 2014.

  1. My parents- I have the best around.  I don’t call, and I don’t update them, yet they support me on my academic journey and are helpful with wisdom and insight on how to live my life.  I appreciate their love everyday, and I am absolutely thankful.
  2. Family- This includes brothers, sister, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the whole bunch.  Just like my parents, these are the people that love me unconditionally.  The past three years have been a wild ride for me, and they have stayed positive with me.  They keep me laughing, optimistic, and most importantly, loved.  They are loved in return.
  3. My boyfriend- Living on the other side of the country from him is brutal, but I can’t imagine my life without Hayden.  I am so blessed to have someone who is so actively interested in everything I do.  Being loved by Hayden is truly bliss.
  4. My education- In August, I moved to upstate New York to go to film school.  I love my school.  My professors are brilliant and helpful and they genuinely care about my success in the field.  My peers are supportive and collaborating with other creative people is motivation in itself.
  5. Lake Ontario- Living in the Midwest for twenty years of my life gave me comfort in cornfields and gravel roads.  Nebraska’s flat prairies and long horizons are still what I know to be home in my heart.  When I moved up to Oswego, I got a taste of something new.  Lake Ontario.  It looks like an ocean, with the joy of lake effect snow.  The explorer inside of me went wild.  From Sunday morning meditation on the shore, to skipping stones after dinner, to swimming when it was warm, the lake is a new home for me.
  6. Upstate New York- Everyone expects New York to be one huge state of New York City.  The state has so much more to offer, though.  I’ve explored some of the state, and I’ve had a taste of the Adirondack mountains, Albany (the capital), Lake Ontario, Rochester, and Syracuse.  I haven’t seen everything that I need to before I’m done here, but I”m off to a great start.  The nature side of the state is stunning.
  7. Patience- Whether it’s my own or anyone’s that has been around me since January, we all know patience is key to surviving me.  I am indecisive, overdramatic, and too quiet to ask for help.  I am a handful when it comes to my education, my clothes, and big decisions.  I’m glad I have learned to be patient with myself.  I’m sorry for everyone who had to learn what a virtue patience is by experiences through me.
  8. Love- I will say this year was a huge year where I truly valued all of the love I have been blessed with in my life.  Everyone that I keep near to my heart is constantly pushing me to be the best version of myself.  I truly believe to invest in people that invest in me.  My friends are my friends for a reason.  I have the most caring, supportive, and loving people in my life, and I am so blessed.

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