Not So Skinny Jeans

There is nothing worse than sliding into your favorite pair of skinny jeans..wait, how am I sliding with ease into something that’s supposed to stick to my legs like paint? My once, extra black and extra tight denim from the Gap, now sags off my ankles creating an uncomfortable breeze.  There is too much excess fabric in my knee, thigh, and butt areas.  This is the opposite of a problem, though, right? Eh.

While I will admit it’s nice to know that I’m not gaining weight, it is incredibly frustrating for skinny jeans to not cling to every curve.  And no, this isn’t the worst problem I could be facing.  I’m approaching finals week.  I have a 22 hour car ride next weekend.  I am really just procrastinating writing my important essays by complaining about extra inches in my pants. (Was that an innuendo? Inappropriate? Invitation? Unsure.)

Here’s the main issue, friends.  I only have three pairs of denim.  I don’t like pants very much.  I only recently started making them a part of my wardrobe.  With all three pairs of pants I own too big, what am I supposed to wear in public for the next two weeks?  It’s not like they’re so big that they’re chic, like boyfriend jeans.  Understand that I am a snob, and sweatpants won’t do.  I don’t do leggings.  It’s too windy for dresses.  My life is so hard!

Luckily, I’ll be back home next week and have free time to shop for new jeans that are tight on my ankles and make my butt look like a gift from the heavens.  Until then, I’ll tuck the loose ends into some boots.


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