Let’s Talk Big Dreams

I have spent a lot of time looking inside myself to find my ultimate goals. What makes me happy? What is fulfilling for me? How do I spend my life in a way that I can be happy?

Of course, relationships fuel me. I’m in love. I have the greatest support system for my life journey. I have great friends, and caring professors. My role models are passionate people, and I strive to be like that.

I always get nervous talking about my personal goals. Some of my dreams are considerably big, and to many, they are unrealistic. I understand statistics, and probability, but to have my dreams shot down stings, and some people in my life have made sure to give me their insight that I am unrealistic and too optimistic. Fortunately for me, I am still young and naïve and believe that I can be successful.

If I could guarantee ultimate success for my creative self, I would be able to make a living by acting in film. I have always loved transforming myself into different characters. It is one outlet I tend to use to express emotions that I normally repress. It starts out in the head of a writer, passes through the brain of a director, and I’m given the responsibility to finalize it through my eyes and lips. I love the compilation of the ideas. When they mesh well, beautiful work is created. I want to help create beautiful work.

I also love writing. I’ve always been interested in writing stories, scripts, and poetry. Words fascinate me. I would love to be a screenwriter. By saying that, I am completely aware of the business of selling a script. I understand that it can be edited and rewritten, and something I may adore might get cut. Although, at first, that will be extremely hard for me to swallow, I am such a big believer that it takes more than one mind to come together to create a strong vision for a film. As a writer, I will be able to set up a general story, characters, setting, as well as plot and psychology. Regardless of what the directors, actors, and cinematographers end up producing, I set the foundation of the film’s story.

As a screenwriter, I would understand lack of complete control, however, sometimes an artist wants power. Being a director for film would be fascinating and fulfilling. Being able to bring the entire film together to create a cohesive story would be so much fun. I have directed plays in the past, and building the world of the story is a great experience. It allows my imagination to flourish.

Being an actor, screenwriter, or director makes sense for me, because I study film, and it is one of my primary interests. To throw you for a loop, I have also always wanted to open an art gallery. I have absolutely no skills when it comes to drawing, sculpting, painting, or anything like that, but it is all so intriguing. Art history is my minor, because I take great interest in it. Last year, I thought about how many artists go unknown. The art world is an egocentric one, and if you don’t have the perfect credentials, you can miss opportunities. Painters may never be able to show their work, underground filmmakers may never have a screening, instrumentalists may have nowhere to go to show their music, and I want to fix that. I want to have a gallery that shows different art exhibits ranging from music, to film, to performance pieces, to paint, to sculpture, to abstract, to print. Anything. I would love to help people be able to show their work in a professional setting, rather than their basement, or YouTube. I was always told to give back, and I think to help others gain an understanding of their talents would be incredibly fulfilling for me. I love art, and I want to share that with others.

I know my goals may seem a little ambitious, but I truly am confident that if I work hard, I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Any insight from any artists of any kind would be beneficial. Networking and knowing the tricks of the trade are what get your feet in the door.


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