Semester Goals

I am back up north where the wind is frigid and the snow never stops.  My spring semester started on Monday, and with classes underway, I feel like now is the time to set some goals for myself!

I am planning on graduating in May of 2016.  In order to do that, I need to be on top of everything that I’m doing.  Every minute of every day is organized.  I’m taking 18 credit hours and I am almost getting overwhelmed.

Goal #1

I know this will be borderline humorous to anyone that knows a college student, but I am going to try with my most valiant efforts to avoid procrastination at all costs.  I am lucky, because my schedule gives me two completely free days a week.  If I can focus and utilize the hours of those two days, I will be golden, and even have the weekend for relaxation!

Goal #2

The work I do this semester, I want to be my best work.  We have all written a BS essay at one point in our lives or another.  I want to spend this semester, and the rest of my education at Oswego, doing work that is representative to my capabilities.  All of my courses are related to my major interests, so the work I produce should be strong!  I want to maintain motivation to let my professors and peers around me, that I am intelligent and more than gifted.  I don’t want to just pass the classes, I want to thrive.

Goal #3 

I want to read more books and watch more films.  Books will help me to become even more literate, while films will help my perspective broaden.  I want to learn as much as I can.  Last semester I skimped on reading, and that hurt my writing, so I need that to improve.  The reason I need to watch films is more for me to be able to justify hours spent in bed watching Netflix.  However, there is no harm in watching movies.

Goal #4

I want to finish my two current screenplays.  I have been working on the foundation of the stories and characters in two specific stories.  I would love to finally just get them into a script.  I have a commitment issue with my writing.  Once I’ve spent any extreme amount of time on any given story, I get sick of it, and start to over think the actual properties of what I have written.  I get very negative and start to hate my writing.  If I can quickly, at some point, get the screenplays written, I will be happy.

My motivation to start and finish this semester strongly is fierce right now.  In two weeks, I may feel entirely different.  I not only have my fan base back  in Nebraska cheering me on, but I hold myself to almost impossible standards, and I intend to follow through and manage my academics for these final three semesters that I have left!


2 thoughts on “Semester Goals

  1. Hey Emma,

    I’m glad you’ve set yourself some achievable goals for this semester! If you need assistance with your screenplays, check out

    They offer a variety of classes most of which have a ustream component that will allow you to participate from upstate. Plus if you contact he’ll be able to guide you to your best class fit!

    I’ve been taking TV writing with them for about a year and I love it.

    Best of luck,



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