My Dearest T5i

I am not a blogger who uses photography in my blog posts.  I am a big believer in words. (Shocking for a film major.)  However, over break, I bought a Canon T5i to help me with my filmmaking ambitions.  Before I worked on with video and moving image, I got used to the camera with some photographs!  I figure here is as good of a place as any to share them.  Let me know how you like them! I appreciate any criticisms.


This is a shot I grabbed one evening at Love Library at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


So many birds just sitting on the line.


I love geometric angles and lines, and I also love birds.


Birds! And coffee!


Just on the bridge!


I love lines. I love geometry. I love grayscale.


The neon lights were intriguing.


I got luck with this little tot running across the stage.


Abstract photography is probably my thing.


The lighting on our parking garages made for some gorgeous shadow and illumination.  I still need practice, clearly.


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