Don’t Compare, Concoct.

One of the first major rules of being an artist is to not compare your work to others. You are an individual! Your aesthetic is your own! You have all of the power. Your mind constructs your creation, and subjectivity guides the opinion, however, the opinion is not yours to have. Make good work and be proud, but allow the viewer to tell you how well your idea has come across.

I am not saying that you can’t compare the abilities of your technique. I am a filmmaker, screenwriter, and actor. If I don’t structure my screenplay correctly, of course, it’s going to look like garbage. If you use the incorrect technique and have mediocre art as a result, that has nothing to do with how successful your artistic peers are. Please understand and take note of the difference between technique and personal style in terms of art. I am not as good at painting as Picasso, not because we have different style, but because I have no technical skills with a paintbrush.

It is so hard to not compare my art to others, because, oh God, I want to make movies like Wes Anderson and act like a 21-year old Meryl Streep, but I keep forgetting that I AM only 21 and I don’t have even half of the resources to allow me to create like that. Yet.

Not comparing my art is something I struggle with every day. I love to look at other designers and filmmakers and writers work, because from that I can build something of my own taste. I read books, watch plays, and listen to a variety of music so that I can be as well rounded and knowledgeable as I can. I never say, “My script is worse than..” I reread, and edit, and cut, and adjust anything I can so that at the end of the day, I can be proud of the writing I have done. I want to be the best artist that I can be. I can build my knowledge and find motivation from other artists, but I have to maintain my own vision. Never compare what you have done to another piece of work. They are entirely different. There are different emotions running through the lines of each canvas. Each should be able to stand on their own.


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