The Little Things

Anyone can be excited over an elaborate gift, a good grade, a new car, and the like.  But sometimes life lets us rejoice in the littles things.

Among all of the gray I deal with daily in upstate New York, I have the most amazing vending machines.  Vending machines? Yes. Listen.

You can buy Starbucks cold coffees for 60 cents. Holy moly. 60 cents for my double shot of hazelnut energy? Every single girl in college should have an opportunity like this in their dorm.

The only downside (and believe me, there is only one downside to this vending machine from Jesus) is that it is an actual fight to get the coffees.  Luckily, only about nine girls know about this secret.

I hope you all have something little that makes each of your days bright and cheery.  You don’t need extravagance to create joy.  Simplicity is bliss.


I am actually crying. Life is so good.


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