Oswego Winters

I go to college right on the shore of Lake Ontario, at SUNY Oswego in upstate New York.  The winters are gray and snowy.  I took some pictures for you! Let me know what you think!


This was my favorite shot of the day. The color contrast is my favorite.IMG_1747

Lush evergreens everywhere.IMG_1659

I saw the horizontal lines in the road. Maybe this isn’t art?IMG_1662

I love the barbed wire and the rust.  IMG_1701

There is something interesting about color contrast in snow for me.IMG_1704

I love the reds and oranges popping through this forest.IMG_1670

One of the most notable things in Oswego, the smoke stacks. (There are two.)IMG_1723

I am skeptical about taking pictures of nature. But I love how simple this is.IMG_1694

This lighthouse is about a mile off shore.IMG_1672Apart from all of the others, this feels very industrial.

Let me know how you liked this small collection of pictures from my shoot around my dorm.  I really liked these the most.  I love your feedback, though!


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