This past week has been wild.  It has been stressful and busy, and so fast.  I officially got my job as a creative director for a documentary in my hometown this summer, and I moved out.

I have been ranting and passive aggressively putting up with my (ex)roommate for some time now.  Over the past two weeks, I decided that it wasn’t worth it to be as stressed as I was.  I talked to my hall director on Monday morning, and by Wednesday night I was in a brand  new room, far far away from the old dungeon.

This week was intense.  Having to deal with my current schoolwork, on top of moving is a lot to cope with.  However, the relief of knowing that I’m going home to a paid job in film this summer, is the only motivation I need to keep pushing myself through until May.  It also helps that I have four more days of classes, and then I’m back on a plane to Nebraska to see my lovely family, boyfriend, and friends.

I just wanted to update you all on my current events. I’m so much happier in my new environment, and so much less anxious with my opportunities for the future.


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