Lone Egg

Happy Easter! I sincerely hope that you get to spend your day with family or loved ones by your side. I hope today is warm and wonderful in every way. I hope your Easter, regardless of belief or religion, is lovely.

If the introduction is too positive, or too kind, it’s only because I’m about to get emotional.

For the past 21 years of my life, Easter has been a holiday spent entirely with family.  Sunrise church services, spending the day at my grandparents house, egg hunts, and cuddling all of my adorable cousins.  This isn’t my first Easter void of my family, but it is my first where I am entirely alone.

I didn’t buy a new Easter dress, I didn’t dye eggs, I didn’t get a palm branch last Sunday to prep me for this week.  I didn’t go to a church service.  I’m most upset that I won’t get to spend time with anyone that I love today.  I’m at a point in my semester that stress is piling up, and I have what seems to be endless work to do, yet I’m constantly missing home.

Today reminds me that I came to New York because of my passion to pursue screenwriting. I try really hard not to complain about being homesick.  I hate that I could come across as weak, but today is just really hard for me. I am desperately awaiting tomorrow.


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