Woah. I’m back in Nebraska.

I have this problem where every few months I fall out of rhythm with blogging. I’d rather put out decent content than actual garbage, so here’s an attempt to catch you up and start regularly posting again!

Last week I finished my junior year of college! Next Tuesday I start my Senior year. Oh my gosh. I get absolutely no chill time. I’m okay with it. Right now, I just want to graduate and get my life going.

Updates! First, I moved in with my boyfriend. Once we get everything neat and all the IKEA stuff screwed together, I promise, there will be a blog post with pictures.  We are living downtown in a loft. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d live in a loft, or downtown Lincoln. I also didn’t know how long my bf would be able to put up with me, but here we are 13 months later.

Second, I have a big-girl job in the actual field I’m interested in. I study film (for those who don’t know) and, let me tell you, it is hard to find a paying job in this industry at my age (21) with my experience (basically none).  I got an amazing opportunity to be the creative director of a documentary this summer. I am thrilled and anxious and excited and beyond nervous. I’ll keep you updated with that as well, because it’s the first major project, aside from scripts, that is entirely under my control! I’m mostly excited, because I won’t be fetching coffees or answering phones. I get to do creative work, which is why I invested my education in this area.

Third! It’s summer. Two years ago, three years ago, I thought summer was the greatest three-month vacation around.  I think I’ve finally hit an age that I no longer see summer as a time to sit on the couch until my legs go numb. I feel very motivated to do work in the next three months. I’ll be making a documentary, doing some side projects also related to film (!!!), and working on my first feature-length script. I sound so busy, and I’m trying to get back into blogging at the same time, but it is something that keeps me grounded and keeps me in line. It allows me to reflect how I feel.

I hope your summer is filled with the same level of excitement and passion, whether that be making documentaries like me, or watching Netflix until your eyes burn, or doing some rad internship with a professor you admire, or baking every day, or being a nanny, or traveling! Whatever your summer may be, make it be great!


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