Remembering Oz

A little over a week ago I made it safely back into the warm nest of the Midwest. I am so so happy to be home, but I have a few pictures I took while at Oswego through the spring semester. I’ll share them with you!


These are the flowers I got for Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend. Flowers require pictures, in my opinion.


The fog off Lake Ontario is eery and often. I love it.


Everyone on campus agreed that we were living the story of The Mist


As much as I would like to be taking pictures of flowers and anything bright, there is a nuclear plant right next to my dorm, and it kept me intrigued.


This is for my dad. He doesn’t read my blog, but he loves the power plant and the huge smoke stacks.


This is probably my favorite picture I took during the snow in upstate New York. This little baby pond peeps through an intense blanket of white. The reflection is so clear. Love it.

I didn’t edit any of these. I just needed to clear out my memory card. I appreciate any comments or criticisms you may have! I know they’re simple, and there’s not really a theme of the pictures, I just wanted to share.


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