Fashionable Courage

Everyone and their sister is writing body positive posts recently, but there can never be too many! I think the idea of not only being confident in our own skin is important, but it is also true that we need to let others be proud of doing what makes them happy with their bodies.

My motto: If you’re happy, and not harming yourself or others, I’m happy.

Look, any  human of any size can wear a crop top. Its true! You can’t comment, unless you’re telling them that they look sparkly and wonderful!  Now, if the crop top has a profane word or graphic image on it, that’s a different story.

We need to remind ourselves that even if we’re 85% confident in our own bodies, there are people with incredibly smaller percentages out there too.  To get bad looks, or even hear the ridicule while walking down the street, is unacceptable and it hurts!  Sometimes, it takes all of one’s courage to wear that mini skirt, or a bow tie, or even a tank top.  Just because you may be confident wearing certain articles of clothes, you should open your mind and respect that others out there aren’t.

I’ve compiled some reminders for us all to remember as we go out this weekend.  We don’t want to be judgmental, but it can be hard sometimes.  With these suggestions, you may be able to spread more positivity into the world around you! Read on!

1. You can compliment. Remember that one time when you wore a new pair of metallic oxfords, but no one commented? No one said a word. You went home and you never wore the shoes again. Remember when no one noticed your hair cut? New lipstick? It kind of sucks. If you see someone who is wearing some crazy socks, tell them they’re cool! If you see someone who is clearly trying something different or more outgoing, make sure to let them know that you like their style! It doesn’t have to be right up your alley to be deserving of a compliment.

2. Keep anything negative inside you. Look, every one of us gets a little judgmental sometimes. I don’t like when finger nail polish is chipped, or when clothes don’t match.  However, I know better than to throw my mouth in someone’s story who didn’t ask for me to say anything. I think my bed head is cute, but I know that certain people don’t like it. If someone is or isn’t wearing make up, don’t comment. Don’t comment on weight, what people can or cannot wear, how short their hair is, why they are tan, or anything of the like. Negativity is never appreciated.

3. Offer helpful comments! This isn’t a compliment, this is helping a fellow human out.  If your shoe is untied or if you have lipstick on your teeth, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? If a ribbon is about to fall out of someone’s hair, let them know.  I totally understand that fashion is quirky, and some things that look like mistakes, aren’t.  You have no way of knowing that, though, unless you bring it up with them. It is compassionate and kind! Help people out. It’s as if someone dropped something, and you’re returning it.

4. Look at the happiness around you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone  owning their look. They may be mixing patterns, experimenting with new eyeliner, trying new shoes out, or simply a statement piece of jewelry.  I love seeing people be unique. We are allowed to express ourselves in so many ways.  Fashion allows us to speak without us opening our mouths. How cool?! My fashion is clean-cut. I color block. I love bright lipstick. Basic. However, when I see an edgy girl walking down the street in leather and tattoos, I get psyched. How cool is it that we both can be happy in our skins? So cool. Let people be happy how they want to be happy. You be happy how you want to be happy. All is well.

Life is too short to worry about what people think about you. I’m sure you’ve heard that somewhere before.  Spin that statement around. Life is also too short for you to get hot and bothered by what other people are doing. Don’t let someone’s chinos freak you out.  Don’t let pixie cuts lead you to believe stereotypes.  Don’t think chains and spikes mean bad things. Just let people live.  The sooner we all stop judging everyone around us and appreciating the different ways we all singularly choose to decorate our bodies, the sooner we can spread more positivity and courage to experiment with clothes and accessories.


2 thoughts on “Fashionable Courage

  1. I wish everyone thought this way. The old adage is spot on: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”

    It took me a long time to learn self-love. I thought loving yourself was selfish and vain but it isn’t about that at all. It’s about taking care of yourself (body, mind and spirit, surrounding yourself with positive people) and appreciating yourself and your body; and not just the aesthetic qualities, but for all it’s practical qualities too. I could sit and pick apart my body, or I can love it for exactly how it is and all it does for me everyday, and I’d much rather do the latter!

    I have such an appreciation for the simple things now: just breathing, walking, running, cuddling, dancing. Your body can bring so much happiness if you let it. It’s time we all stopped obsessing over minute details that don’t even matter. Life is too short.

    Thanks for an inspiring post!

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