June Picks

June was speedy but I managed to snap a few little pictures for you all! I just want to share.

tumblr_nqtvwqOyRv1s65xjjo9_540Let me just say my hair doesn’t look like this anymore.  Also, shoutout to my super talented boyfriend for taking this!


Look how cute he is admiring art!  Lighting in galleries are not that fantastic. The specific one I was in only directs light to the masterpieces. (AKA Hayden)


If you’ve never been to Lincoln, Nebraska, I’m currently inviting you.  Look at our wonderful capitol building.  It’s not very tall, but its fitting for our lovely town.

Lincoln has this fantastic little coffeeshop called The Mill. My little sister had her first visit this month, and so I had to capture the memory.  Here’s to lemon wafers and granitas!


Sometimes coffee just doesn’t cut it and you need a little rum to sit in the sun and watch The Sandlot on a big screen with 4000 other Lincolnites.


I’m actually obsessed with this picture my boyfriend took of me.  He’s much more professional than me.  He’s got talent oozing out the ears.


I feel like you truly have to understand how beautiful this guy is. I am one lucky duck.


Jazz in June is a staple event here. Local foods, warm sun, beautiful music.


Take a look at my new short hair.  Still not 100% comfortable with the eight inches that disappeared from my locks, but I’m getting used to it!

Thanks June for feeding me well, and taking me to farmers markets, softball games, and late night walks.  Sometimes life moves too fast to break out the T5i.  Mine are all from the ole iPhone6.  However, Hayden’s are the Canon 60D.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


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