we are falling down a rabbit hole

and I have no idea where we’re going

and my heart is soaring and excited

and my brain is confused and realizing

that no matter what comes

an adventure awaits at the end of this fall

whether I find myself while falling

and learn how to drink coffee alone again

and how to drive for miles without stopping


whether I find myself landing on your back

holding you closer and tighter

and loving you as hard as I always know I can

I will be okay

while we have been falling for awhile

this has been an open ended novel

waiting for the plot twists and character development

are we hiring a new writing staff

or are we just planning the next season?

optimism has always been in my backbone

and hope flows out my fingertips

while passionate adoration runs through my veins

a clock is ticking

an adventure is waiting

lets get our tickets and fly

and explore

and discover

and exhale

let our love go wild


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