Puking at a Festival

What a title, I know. I usually avoid vulgar and repulsive words in general, because they aren’t as satisfying to me.  However, this is just the truth of my adventure yesterday.

I’m a fan of food. I’m equally a fan of music. Yesterday, Chipotle hosted a Cultivate festival that showcased some excellent music (Betty Who, Smallpools, St. Lucia, etc.) and wonderful chefs (Amanda Freitag and Graham Elliot).  There was beer, pizza, live music, and tons of guac. The best part? The event was free! Sure, we had to pay for beer and pizza, but this isn’t a perfect world.

So, we arrive in this huge open space. There are booths everywhere. We decide to wait in a huge long for a pizza that may not have been worth the wait. Afterwards, we grabbed a beer and headed over to Betty Who’s set. I felt fine and excited to hear her live! Afterwards, we got more water and headed back to the stage for Smallpools. Fifteen minutes into the set, I felt so nauseous.  The bass reverberated through my body so severely that I didn’t know what senses to trust. I had to leave.

I found a seat, and after getting a bottle of water in me, I was okay. I headed back to the stage to find my friends for the next set (St. Lucia) but about ten minutes later, I found myself just as sick as before. I didn’t even get to watch. Instead of jamming with tons of other music-lovers, I was hunched over in a port-o-potty puking.  I was awaiting death in a port-o-potty fifty feet from St. Lucia.

After I gathered enough strength to pull myself off the floor of this disgusting bathroom, I found some shade under a tree and basically collapsed. I was still expecting to be in an ambulance before I made it back to Nebraska last night. It only hurt if I moved, so I did what anyone else would do, not move.

For all of my festival goers, of any kind, whether its music, food, film, or art, please drink water. Eat foods. Don’t drink more beer than other liquids. Stay cool. Wear sunscreen. Find shade. Sit down every once in awhile. No body is designed to go hard in 100-degree weather.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this. Am I advocating for Chipotle? Yes. Am I suggesting that you go to free festivals? Always. Do I care about your health and joy as you partake in these activities? Certainly.

Take care of your bodies in this hot summer, so you don’t miss out on awesome artists. No one deserves to end up on the floor of a port-o-potty in any circumstance. Be smart!


4 thoughts on “Puking at a Festival

  1. I love that you shared this! You always hear about everyone’s experience at festivals and how much of a good time they have, but you never hear about this side and we all know deep in our heads it does happen! Thanks for sharing and hopefully it doesn’t happen to you again): Safe festival journeys!!

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