A Quick Analysis

Blogger, A Pretty Penny, wrote a blot post called “Taking Stock.” I loved the format and how it is just a quick list of everything going on. I want to write my own inventory for all of you.

If you want to check out the original: https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/9684344/758403988

Making: A documentary! Two more weeks until the final cut!

Cooking: Pesto farfalle with french garlic bread

Drinking: So much iced coffee from a local coffee shop. There is nothing more refreshing in the hot Nebraska summer

Wanting: A few more hours in the day to finish some personal writing.

Enjoying: My tan. I only get it for a few months a year. In 30 days I’m back to upstate New York, and I will be a pale whale sooner than I wish.

Listening: 5 Seconds of Summer’s new single! So fun, so catchy. I’m really into the boyband scene.

Liking: My new short hair. I cut nine inches off about a month ago, and I’m finally starting to come around to it

Loving: Everyone in my life that has put up with me. I’m a handful and I”m picky and stubborn, and I do what I want. I love every single person who has anything to do with any element of who I’ve become.

Watching: Mad Men. I am just starting season 5 and I have never been so in love while simultaneously hating a man: Don Draper.

Needing: My boyfriend.

Smelling: Absolutely nothing.

Wearing: Tan gladiator sandals from American Eagle. They have improved my summer by at least 100%

Thinking: About my future. One more year of college, and then I’m an adult. Where will I be? Who will I become? What color lipstick will I be wearing?

Feeling: Optimistic.


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