Kate Spade: Office Supplies?

I have been into Kate Spade for years. Her bold colors and patterns on simple cuts was an aesthetic that I fawned over.  I have a dress, a handbag, a coin purse, a phone case, a pair of shoes, and I can’t wait to keep growing my collection.

As if wearing Kate wasn’t luxurious enough, I can now have her on my desk. I’m an obnoxious academic, and when I saw she had designer pens (pens!!), I knew I needed them.  With everyone making their way back to school in the next month, I wanted to share some of my faves.


This stapler is the first piece that I saw (after the pens) and I fell in love. The gold plate on the top says “keep it together”. Oh my god. When can I have it?!


Are you a fan of Wes Anderson? I am the biggest fan. This telegram pad reminded me of Moonrise Kingdom, and I WILL be buying this one. It feels so vintage, but has such preppy vibes. I cannot get over it.


Who doesn’t want a planner that describes you perfectly? The gold accents are hot this season, and with a dotted interior, this planner is perfect for a Kate Spade girl. Pulling this out of my satchel this fall will def turn heads.

51UdA0Ql+dL._SY355_She designed an office supply set with my name on it. Literally. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that this is currently being shipped to my house.


For years, I’ve used the little dollar pails from Target to hold my pens and pencils on my desk. After seeing this, I may need to invest in this sweet little cup. I’m a sucker for the gold. I’m a sucker for Kate Spade. This is twenty dollars I can see myself spending.

Overall, the Kate Spade office supply collection is gorgeous. It looks so chic sitting on a desk. It can be monogrammed! While your name may not be on a notebook, like mine, you can find something to make you happy. If you’re not as excited about pens and pencils and desk accessories as I am, check out her new chambray collection, because that is next on my shopping list from Ms. Spade.


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