Quick Little Stylin’ Tips


With a new school year and a new wardrobe, there’s a chance for you to spruce up your look. I’m not suggesting transform from a bohemian chick to a punk goddess. I’m not planning on styling you. I just have a few small styling tips to amp up the details in your look.

  1. Small pops of color. Every fashion magazine tells us to throw on a bright bag, or bright shoes. Think smaller. I love neutral clothing, so my bright colors come in small doses. I recommend wearing an obnoxious nail polish, or a neon ring. I tend to wear a lime green pony tail on my wrist. A thin baby-blue belt is fresh, yet tame. If I’m in a black fit, I’ll throw a pink bow in my hair.
  2. Lips or Liner. I’m a simple girl. I will either be wearing bright lipstick, or intense winged liner. I feel that when I try both, it’s too much for my style and my face. Whichever you choose, it pulls a look together. If I’m doing monochrome Tuesday, I keep winged liner on. It is so chic to have no color anywhere.
  3. Cuffed Jeans. I remember my musical theatre days when the boys got to cuff their jeans for Bye Bye Birdie and Grease. When I started wearing them again, that’s the first thing I did. I cuffed my Banana Republic skinnies and strutted everywhere. Does anyone even notice? I do. Cuffed jeans with a black pointed flat is a look that I’ve adopted, and I don’t plan on giving it up.
  4. Color Blocking. I love contrast with color blocking. As much as I love a black vs. white ensemble, one of my recent favorites is a vibrant coral/pink chiffon shirt with a dusty denim blue colored skater skirt. It reminds me of kindergarten.  I love chambray on dark blue. Color blocking reminds me of paintings, and to be compared to a painting is a dream.
  5. Sunglasses. The sunglasses on your face will make or break you. Are you still wearing Wayfarers? Okay, that’s fine. But I suggest you try branching out of the most basic frame. In the past year I tried the Ray-Ban Caribbeans. They are smaller than a Wayfarer, and look like they came straight outta the Mad Men costuming department. I have been told time and time again that my sunglasses make me look 60’s chic, and I eat it up. I just bought my first pair of aviators last week. Find a frame you love. Then find two more.
  6. Well Fitted Basics. I worked at Forever 21 for over a year. Believe me, I know fast fashion. As cool as it can be sometimes, a white button up will never go out of style. It makes sense to invest in one to keep in your closet. I have two black dresses and a red one. I have Converse, gladiator sandals, riding boots and three peacoats. Buy basics that will last in colors that aren’t obnoxious. Stick to whites, blacks and blues. If you don’t know what to wear, put on a black v-neck with lipstick. It’s all you need. It is so simple, and looks so put together.

These tips seem so simple. You think to yourself, “Emma, I already do some of these.” Good! Keep going. It’s all in the details. I look at people, sometimes, and think that they are so close, but something is off. It’s usually something very small. I am so detail oriented, so three inch cuffed jeans are what looks right with my ankles. It’s okay to look at simplicity and say, “This is enough and this is perfect.”

You don’t need wild and wacky pieces in your wardrobe to be fashionable. You can be clean cut, with basics, with gold jewelry, and a kickass red lipstick to look like you care about fashion and style. Simple doesn’t mean boring. Figure out exactly how many buttons need to be unbuttoned to give you the most flattering collar bones. Figure out what flatters you the most. More importantly, figure out what makes you feel the most fierce. It has always been the small things that make me feel so put together in regards to fashion and styling myself.


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