I’m. So. Close.

I start my senior year of college tomorrow. That’s such a weird sentence to type. I alway knew that I would have a college degree, but it feels so surreal that within ten months, the diploma will be in my hands.

Everyone always claims that college is the best four years of your life. I didn’t experience it that way. I struggled with college. Not the academic part, the social part. I wasn’t happy anywhere I went, I always felt like a lone wolf, I was never satisfied. I didn’t make those lifelong friends that I’ll be drinking wine with on my husband’s yacht in ten years. That is my biggest regret of college.

Instead of spending four years on one campus, I spent four years on three different campuses in three different states. I started at an all girls school playing softball, moved to a community college in my hometown for gen eds (hated that), then took the trip to New York for film.

This is going to sound disappointing, but I’m going back to New York to get my degree. That’s it. I’m too close to the diploma. I’m not enjoying school there, either. I used to think moving geographically would help find happiness. I have been proven wrong three times.

I want to show my siblings that getting an education is important, crucial even. I want them to know that college is the right route to go. I want them to learn from my mistakes, and stay at the same school, and not hop around. I want them to have a role model that worked hard through school to be successful.

I want to make it very clear that I don’t regret going to college. Getting a degree has been a high priority for me. I’m insanely academic, and I love learning, and I intend to keep learning past school. I don’t think the next ten months can go fast enough. I want to move on and apply what I’ve learned to my life and passions in screenwriting and filmmaking and art. There are so many things I would change about the past four years, however, I don’t have that power. I can’t dwell on what could have been. It is what it is at this point, and I am going to sprint through to the finish line.

Let me know if college life wasn’t/isn’t your cup of tea either. I always feel like I’m the only one not loving it. Here’s to senior year. Let’s prosper.


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