What I’m Watching

I am very indecisive when it comes to watching TV and movies. Even as a cinema major, I struggle to narrow down my decision. If you are anything like me, I have a small, and kind of narrow, list of suggestions. I’m into sketch comedy, reality, and 2014 Oscar noms right now.

Project Runway: Look. I adore fashion. And Heidi Klum’s legs are to die for. Watching designers construct garments in less than two days fascinates me. Hearing Tim Gunn say, “Make it work,” is motivating in itself. If you’re into competitive, fashion-forward reality TV, get to watching this show. I watch it on Lifetime’s website.

America’s Next Top Model: I watch this similarly to why I watch Project Runway. I’m a 21-year-old girl, and I’ve been watching it since I was 15. It’s a part of me. Tyra is so accepting and positive, and a wonderful role model that I grew up with. She’s so uplifting and fierce. Also, the models are hot. It’s reality TV, not award-winning writing.

Big Eyes: I have been waiting months to see this. When I saw the trailer, I knew I’d love it, but only just watched it. As an art history minor, I have studied the Keane’s, and am intrigued and horrified by their story. The big eyes are so curious. Amy Adams was wonderful. Though its directed by Tim Burton, it’s not as severe as some of his other work. I highly recommend this, because this is one of my favorites.

Portlandia: Netflix just released season 5 this morning! I’ve watched four episodes already, and am trying to save the last four. Granted, it’s a four-day weekend, and I have no discretion. I’ll probably finish it tonight. I adore Fred Armison and Carrie Brownstein. If you haven’t seen it, just watch one episode. They’re 20 minutes, and its wonderful. So many good characters.

Whiplash: I just re-watched this film, and I absolutely love it. It’s intense, yet simple. It’s emotional and musical. The casting is brilliant, and the music is enjoyable to listen to. For anyone who spent time in band, orchestra, or choir, this is a film you would enjoy. It is a little vulgar and violent, but it is so well done. Highly recommend. I’m personally shocked it didn’t win more awards.

That’s what I’ve been watching in the past week. What have you been watching? What’s good on TV? Any new movies that you want to talk about? Share with me!


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