It Could Be Worse

Don’t say this to people. Never respond to someone’s anguish and pain with, “Well, it could be worse.” It’s unfair. It’s not helpful. You are forcing a comparison that isn’t allowed.

Something that I have recently learned, is that everyone is entitled to feel how they feel. I may not understand their emotion, but they are allowed.  Some people’s joy may conflict with mine, but it still doesn’t diminish the fact that they are happy.

When it is suggested that things could be worse to someone who is hurting, it takes away their very basic right as a human, to feel. If I’m sad because they ran out of my favorite tea in the dining hall, I know that I’m not a starving child, or that I have a fatal disease. However, I am sad! I wanted that tea!

Just because someone out in the world has it worse, doesn’t take away the very simple fact that we still react and respond via emotions. By the logic that someone has it worse, only the person with the most upsetting and horrible living conditions and circumstances is allowed to feel sad. And, only the most joyful creature on earth is allowed to experience happiness.  You wouldn’t go up to a child who is about to go to an amusement park for the first time and say, “Someone else has it better,” just because there are other kids going to better theme parks that day.

Let’s be empathetic and compassionate! Let’s take care of those around us and validate the emotions of others. If you shut them down and discredit their emotions, they will be more hesitant to open up to you in the future.

As humans, we are allowed to feel. We can feel upset for silly, little things. We can feel excited over simple things. We can feel. Without justification.


2 thoughts on “It Could Be Worse

  1. This is a really good post Emma! Sometimes I feel bad when I complain about taking medication for my anxiety and stuff because there are people that take even more or go through more difficult things than anxiety, but then I have one of my family members remind me that it’s okay to still hate taking medicine. Just because people go through different things doesn’t mean it’s any less difficult for me to go through what I do. Thanks for writing this great post!

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