Have You Seen Trust?


Trust. I’m a cinema major and I have multiple screenings each week. That being said, I’ve seen my fair share of movies, ranging from simple college shorts, to intense foreign films that make almost no sense. Very rarely am I inclined to write about or share my feelings about what I’m watching. Until this week. I watched probably my favorite film that I’ve seen this year. (I would say ever, but last year we watched Rear Window, and that took the cake.)

The 1990 film stars Adrienne Shelly and Martin Donovan. I’m such a sucker for an 80s flick, and this has the same feel. The sass, the costumes, the love story. Oh my God, I’m in love.

My professor said that this is one of his absolute favorite films. He rates it up there with Interstellar. Interstellar? How, you’re asking. I know. How can some low-budget movie from 1990 even compare to the beauty of Nolan/Zimmer?

Trust manages is so dramatic, and full of teenage pregnancy, abortion, pedophilic relationships, rough family life, death, abuse, suicide, sex, alcohol, and hot pink lipstick. There’s everything on the list, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

It’s funny, and serious, and sad, and heartbreaking, and hopeful. The final scene leaves you, as most 80s movies do, feeling inspired and happy for the outcome. It is a satisfying watch. If you haven’t seen this excellent film, I highly recommend it. If you have seen it, let me know. I want to know your thoughts, opinions, critiques. It’s definitely on my top ten list right now. So. Good.


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