Hello again! It haven’t posted in months, and that is so odd. Right before I stopped, I was bragging about how consistently I was writing. Oh well. I’m back! So, what did you miss?

-I took part in a 48 hour film festival.  We had two full days to write, produce, shoot, edit and export a film.  It was stressful, but it was so much fun.  I loved my crew, and things went smoothly.  We had it exported with two minutes to spare! (We were all sweating.)

-I went to a film festival! I went to the Syracuse International Film Festival in Syracuse, New York, and I had a ball.  My favorite film I watched was a documentary by Bobcat Goldthwait called Call Me Lucky. It’s on Netflix, and I have never felt more passionately. Go watch it. It’s so powerful and beautiful. If you love Barry Crimmons, you’ll adore this. You will laugh, you will cry, you will tell everyone you know about it.

-I worked on 16mm celluloid.  As a film student at the school I attend, it is not required of us to work on celluloid, as it is entirely possible to be successful in the industry through the use of digital technologies.  Film practices are dying though, and I was so curious. I thought it would be a waste of my education in film to not spend a small amount of time using film.  We worked on black and white reversal, and color, which leads me right into my next moment:

-I submitted one of my 16mm shorts to a Sundance female directors competition.  Spending more time creating works with film this semester helped me grow my confidence in my craft, which I am so happy about.  I don’t even care if I win the award, I’m just proud of myself for having work that I deem good enough to submit to such a prestigious festival.

– I made some of the best connections and friendships that I could ever imagine.  My relationships with my professors and peers are at a high.  Being comfortable enough to text someone who is an expert in this field at 3 in the morning for a little question is so comforting to me.  Knowing that I have six people waiting for me to finish a script so that they can produce it and give it legs warms my heart. Finding some of my best friends that I never knew I would keeps me going.  The support has been so strong.

-I did a film internship (??) in Chicago.  I’m very blessed to have family that supports my endeavors in film, and a mother who has connections to land me jobs that are all over the country for it.  I was flown to Chicago to film a conference.  While the task was relatively simple, the experience was so rewarding.  I have something to put on my resume, for starters, but the people that I got to meet were exceptional! I met a composer who said he was very interested in helping me in further productions of mine. I also met a photographer, and his advice was so impactful to me at just the right time.

-I finally did sound editing! I don’t know if any of you were reading this blog a year ago, but I was terrified of production.  I was scared to press buttons on the camera, editing intimidating me, I didn’t even want to look at sound or lighting equipment.  In the past month alone, I have done all of the sound design for two of my short films.  Now, they weren’t anything super challenging, but I did have to build my own sounds!

-I was hired as a writer. HIRED. As a WRITER. My overall dream is to be a professional screenwriter.  Having my peers, both people I do and don’t know, approach me and ask if I can write scripts for them to use for final production projects is possibly the most flattering thing that has happened.


My growth as an academic hasn’t been astounding. I like to get good grades and be insightful and curious into my interests. I got good grades.  I think my real growth and joy stems from my interest and successes in my filmmaking and screenwriting.

I have come out of my creative shell, and have spent the time and energy in translating my artistic ideas into scripts and visual images.  I can’t say that these past few months have been easy, but I am so proud of where I am at.  I cannot wait to see where I go next.

Stay in touch, the next post is on my future plan. I’m getting ambitious and bold, now.  I hope you’re all along for the ride!


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