The Plan.

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Since you, along with my parents, all my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, previous teachers and pastors, my boyfriend, and my barista are all asking, I’ll tell you what I’m planning after graduation.

Before I dive into that, let me explain why I’m calling this a plan not a dream. I was discussing with a close friend recently what my dream was.  She told me to not say that. She told me to call all of my goals a plan, and that everything that I’m working for now is helping to succeed with my plan. I love this mentality.  People take me, and my ambitions, more seriously.  No one can say, “Well that’s a nice dream, but what are you actually going to do..” because my plan is what I’m going to do! (Was that even coherent?)

I graduate at SUNY Oswego in May.  That is possibly one of the most terrifying, yet liberating things that I could type.  I cannot wait to not have assignments or classes or lectures that I’m not entirely interested in taking my time.  I cannot wait to live for myself, and to be free to explore the world around me and my joy of writing and filmmaking.

I have struggled a lot in the past year about what I want to do with my life.  I had no plan of where I would move or what kind of job that I would have.  In the past three weeks, it has entirely changed.  I know precisely where I must go and what I must do.

I’m going to Los Angeles.  That’s equally weird for me to say.  I never thought that that is where my future would take me, yet here I am, planning a move to the West Coast.  I’m thrilled! One of my close friends at school is going out with me, and we hope to live together there for support. She’s focusing in production, though, so we won’t be in the same field either, which I really love.

I’ve been talking to a few of my professors and advisors who have worked in the industry, just to get some feedback if I could truly succeed with my writing there. They all have urged me to move to the West Coast, and to work hard.  If I am persistent for a few years, I will meet all the right people, and I will have no trouble writing to support myself. (Words of my professors.) They tell me my writing will sell once I’ve networked myself.

I want to write professionally. I want to outlet my creativity and profit off of that.  Two women who wanted what I want right now advised me to look at Los Angeles, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m thrilled.

My Plan is to move to Los Angeles. My Plan is to live and work in a talent agency, if I get so lucky.  My Plan is to spend the next two to four years networking and getting my scripts in the right hands.  My Plan is to make beautiful art.  My Plan is to make people respond to my art. My Plan is to keep growing, keep writing, keep determined, and keep learning.


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