2015 in 10

2015 is coming to a close, and rather than write a heartfelt and emotional thousand word essay on all of my fulfillments and regrets, I’ll show you how I spent my year through pictures. It seemed to be a success last year, so let’s stick with what works!

This is as much for me as it is for you.  To be able to look back in ten years at these little posts, regarding what I thought was precious in 2015, will be so sweet.

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I spent majority of 2015 in Oswego, New York working towards my undergrad as a film student.  I have grown so much during my time there, not only as an artist, but as a human.

These are the smoke stacks on the East side of campus. With their size being so intense, they always gave me a small sense of comfort. Only five more months left with the stacks until I move onward.


I am so blessed to still be so close with one of my childhood friends.  This is Sadie. She lives a few blocks away from me at home, and she goes to school in New York too! Our friendship has always been smooth sailing, and I’m excited to know that 2016 is another year I get to know this girl.


The movies that I have had the opportunity to act in this year have been so much fun.  While I love writing them, it has been such a blast being able to take direction and become the character that the director envisions.

I’ve played everything from a murderous character from a children’s nursery rhyme, to a clingy girlfriend, to a nurse in Macbeth.  Acting is one of my hobbies that just transforms me for a little while, and to see my growth as an actor has been wonderful.


Along with acting, I love making movies.  This past semester I had the opportunity to work on celluloid and then splice together films.  I cannot tell you how fascinating it is to sew together a short film.  My love for production and filmmaking has grown so much stronger because of my experience using the Bolex this past semester at school.


Sometimes, you fly over Chicago at just the right moment and capture images like this.

I was flown to Chicago to film a conference with the National Collegiate Honors Council this fall, and I had an awesome experience.  I networked with two amazing artists that I will hopefully see, if not work with, in the future.  This year was about taking risks and saying yes, and look where it got me!


Yes, I adore my friends, but Lydia might take the cake.  My little sister keeps me motivated.  She works so hard and is so ambitious and so determined, and I want to be a role model in paving a clearer path for her. If she keeps working like she is, she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to.


Sometimes, life will take you to weird and dark places, so you find ways to bring you back up.  So, will you have the red pill, or the blue pill?

(This is for me. It is vague, but it is mine. No worries, friends.)


On my drive back to Nebraska from New York, we stopped at Niagara Falls.  While the waterfalls were something spectacular, we were fascinated with the squirrels that would walk right up to you and eat pistachios from your fingers!  I have truly never felt more like a Disney princess.


Sometimes you meet exactly who you’re supposed to meet. This year was a good one. I’ve met the best guy, the best friends, the best advisors and professors and educators and mentors that I could have ever asked for.

All of my people are pushing me forward and helping me be the best version of myself and I am so happy.  How rewarding to have such fulfilling people at my side day by day.


Finally, my Selfie of the Year.

This year has taught me one very crucial thing.  I have to love myself first, or at least try.  I deserve goodness and joy, and I deserve to follow my own goals and ambitions.  I’m not here to serve anyone.  I have one life, and I deserve to live it so that my bucket gets filled.

I have learned to take time for myself.  Evaluate what I want, who I want, and where I want to go.  2015 was full of heartbreak, but also love!  Sadness, but also so much bliss!  Each year comes with struggles, but we push through, and learn and adapt.  While 2015 is making its way out, and 2016 comes into sight, I cannot wait for all that lies ahead of me, with relationships, travel, and graduation.

I hope you all find 2016 to be a year of wonder.  A year of celebration and curiosity.  A year of self discovery.  Spend it finding new coffee shops.  Buy new sweaters that help transform you into the person you want to evolve into.  Take risks. Say yes more. Read. Write that story you’ve been dying to tell.  Don’t forget to take pictures. Don’t forget to say I love you.

Have the Happiest New Year, friends.



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