My Final Schedule

In May, I’ll be graduating from college. I cannot believe my time in the school system is complete. Time flies. I’m overwhelmed and excited and curious and nervous. But! With my final semester comes my final schedule. I’m going to walk you through it!

  1. Senior Thesis. As a senior cinema and screen studies major at my school, I’m required to do a senior capstone/thesis project and presentation.  I will be writing a feature length screenplay, editing together a reel of my work, and making a portfolio and artist statement. Finally at the end of April, I will give a presentation regarding my script, as well as influences, academic papers and other sources of inspiration for my critical filmmaking.
  2. Movement for the Actor. I love acting. I always have. I haven’t taken an acting class since my freshman year, though.  This course will help me focus on my body.  I will be able to find balance and concentration. It will help me be more intentional with my body, which I think will enhance my acting skills. We get to hula hoop every day, so that’s equally exciting.
  3. Western Art Survey. I am an Art History minor, so this is a general class that I will continue to learn art and its history.  I learn to analyze and compare different pieces.  I should be able to recognize art from different time periods, locations, and even by artist.  I love learning of art, so this is a favorite of mine.
  4. Contemporary Museum Studies.  Another course for my minor.  This class discusses the politics, philosophies, and practices of museums all over the world.  I’m excited to take this course, because everything that I have taken for Art History has been focused only on artworks. I have always had an interest in working in a museum, so this class seems interesting for me.
  5. Film Festivals.  This is my second year taking this course.  My school hosts a film festival for the entire school system each spring.  This class works all semester to put on the film festival. My primary jobs focus in social media, communications, and fundraising for the festival.  I am also looking at festival jobs post-graduation, so I hope this can build a great portfolio and gain experience.
  6. Location Filmmaking.  This class is self explanatory.  We are forced to scout locations off the safety of our campus for the entirety of a short film.  I am not as confident in the production side of filmmaking, so I’m hoping that this class will help me out.  I’m excited to add two more films to my reel through this course.

I love my schedule.  Everything is catered to my interests.  I will be such a busy girl. This morning, I was cast in a capstone film series project.  I’m planning on co-writing two other capstone projects, aside from my own.  Yes, my schedule will be full, and it may get stressful, but I’ll be doing what I love most.  Making and studying and networking around art.  What more could I ask for?


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