Help Me Fund Sweetie Pie!

Hello dear followers! For those of you who have been around a little while, you’ll know that I’m a film major.  In my final semester of school, I’m taking a location filmmaking course.  The first night of class, each filmmaker in the room had to pitch their scripts.  Only four in the class would be produced.  Surprise, surprise, mine was chosen!

I get to direct my first short script! My film is called Sweetie Pie.  It’s a touching story of Harper, a girl who is recovering from an eating disorder.  She finds her love of food again after spending time in the kitchen with her Grandmother.  Harper relapses after her grandmother is sent to the hospital.  The short film focuses on family, food, and health.

My production team and I have an Indiegogo page to raise money for everything from paying our actors,for locations, for props, wardrobe pieces, lenses and more.  Check out our page, and if you feel so generous, you could gain a Producing credit in this sweet little short! (:

Thank you so much for any support you can give, or share with other online friends. I’m looking forward to making this one of my most monumental academic projects!




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