There’s a heat

this humid


zap of heat that strikes the back of the neck

and I gasp

I gasp and suck and wheeze

for any air my lungs might absorb

but they’ve forgotten

and I’m suffocating.


My knees hit concrete

I’m bleeding down my legs and

I feel like I’m draining

I’m draining and sullen

sullen and still.

Anatomy other than mine does not belong on you.

Not between your fingers

on your thighs

on your lips.

When she kisses you

my spine rattles

and my joints snap in half

color from my face falls into my stomach

I want to vomit maroon.

I want to grip shards of glass

and tell my sister to thicken her skin.

My fingers have gone numb

and my lips are blue


but they are warm

like a wasp chose my mouth

and I’m sitting at the dining room table

with a bag of peas

but it’s dripping down my arms

teeth grinding

eyes wet

brain hollow

all I want is the wasp

to come back to find me.

Endless anticipation

for more.




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