A Poem for the Boy I Love

My heart is warm

you’ve set me on the stovetop to simmer

and God

I am boiling.

When you whisper

it’s wedding dresses

and new apartments

and Saturday morning pancakes with too much syrup

too sweet,

but I can’t complain.

Time slows like cooling wax

everything behind you is out of focus

but you are clear

we’ve drank bottles of red wine

and our lips are stained and sore

too many words

we love each other

it’s clear.


I know what it’s like to stand on mountain tops

and to fly

but nothing compares

diving into crisp blue water

bubbling up to the surface is not the same

as having you.

We could sit on an old sofa

in a dark apartment

and just lay

and I’d be okay.

You make me okay.



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