Where My Eyebrows Went

I remember a childhood friend would bite at her nails until her fingers bled. I always thought how strange it must be. How could she just chew and chew and chew until she hit blood? Why didn’t she just not bite her nails?

It wasn’t until after elementary school that I learned that there are nervous habits and tics that some people have.  I didn’t think much of it until recently.  In the past two years, I’ve started picking at my eyebrows. Why? I’m unsure. I always assumed it was just stress.  And I’ve been in college, so it has to be just stress, and that’s that.

About two weeks ago, I watched a YouTube video, and the girl was talking about a disorder that she had where she picked out her eyebrows. I thought that what she was going through sounded similar to me, but I never went to a doctor or psychologist, I kind of just lived with it.  She talked about being diagnosed with Trichotillomania.  It’s a hair pulling disorder.

I read through multiple articles describing the causes of the disorder, the symptoms, the risk factors, and the causes of it all.  Primarily, the major symptom is that you pull hair from your scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes.  It is treated through cognitive therapy, for the most part.

I don’t like to self diagnose myself.  I like to talk to doctors and psychologists as much as I can in regards to my mental health, but trichotillomania seems to be something that is something I really potentially may have.

In the past year I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, which is a cause for this disorder.  Low self esteem is also a factor in this, which, if you’ve read any previous posts of mine, you will know I suffer a great deal.

Obviously, I have to see a doctor. I’ve been picking the outer half of my left eyebrow for over two years now, and I am growing more and more concerned. I am still researching, and learning, and trying to understand myself and inform myself about this disorder as much as I can. If you have trichotillomania, let me know how you deal with it. What challenges do you face everyday? How do you overcome this?


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