Westward Motion

I am finally in Los Angeles. I’ve been waiting since November to type that out, but here I am, and I couldn’t be more excited! (And scared.)

Day One: I started my journey out of Lincoln, Nebraska with my dad on Thursday morning.  We grabbed one last cup of coffee from my favorite local coffee shop, and we hit I-80. We drove to Frisco, Colorado, an adorable tourist destination, about ten miles from Breckinridge.  It was very cold. We had burgers for dinner, but I was so tired after eight nonstop hours of driving, so we headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

Day Two: We had breakfast at a little diner in downtown Frisco.  We snapped a quick selfie, and we were on the road again by 9:30.  I don’t really like driving in the mountains, don’t ask why, something to do with the heights and curves really terrify me.  I wanted to drive though, so I could pay attention to the road and not the rocks.

The farthest west I had ever traveled prior to last Friday was Denver. Western Colorado is stunning. And Utah was even sweeter.  The geographic landscape molds into different forms as you keep moving west, and it’s awesome.  Going from mountains to canyons is wild.

By dusk, we were driving through Arizona.  The rocks were tall and the roads curved sharply.  By nightfall, we were in Vegas.  I really didn’t appreciate Vegas. Twelve hours of driving doesn’t make me want to walk the strip.  I took a bath and ordered room service, and called it a night.

Day Three: We slept in and decided we better at least look at the casino, since we both have never been before.  We ate breakfast in the casino attached to our hotel, then tried a slot machine.  It wasn’t really our thing.  We drove the strip, and by noon, we were out of Vegas.

Traffic was heavy as we neared Los Angeles.  The two full days of driving prior had nothing on the four hours of heavy traffic I experienced on Saturday.  Without a doubt, we ran into standstill traffic on the outskirts of Los Angeles, due to a car accident. But after about an hour, we were moving along once again!

Right at dinnertime, we landed at my new and temporary residence in Inglewood.  My host greeted us with open arms and a trip to Marina Del Rey for dinner.

I’ve only been in Los Angeles for four days, but I am really enjoying myself.  I’ve dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean (the first ocean I’ve touched!), and I’ve eaten oceanside with the sand in my toes.

I loved growing up in Nebraska, falling in love in New York, and finding California.  Send me all the positive vibes that California treats me well.


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