Quick note: If you’re squeamish and don’t like medical pictures, this might not be the post for you. The story is first, though, if you’re interested!

In a previous blog post, I showed a picture of me in a hospital bed, this was after I was quite literally attacked by a grill.  It fire balled around me, and I cannot even put into words how painful being burnt is.

I was working at the softball fields that I played at as a child, and was going to grill hot dogs and hamburgers for the concession stand.  It’s such an easy job, I get to sit in the shade while I grill, and I get paid well.  The grill had been acting up, but I went to go light it and didn’t quick enough, and POOF, my arms were toast.

I sat in the back of the concession stand in the giant sinks keeping water running down my arms.  It felt like a really intense sunburn. It felt like I was laying on a stovetop.  It felt like there was no way my arms would ever stop being burnt.

My arms and hands were red. My eyelashes singed off.  My hairline was blackened. I’m lucky that my eyes and mouth (lungs) had no impact from the explosion.

After probably a half hour of crying in the sink in the back of the concession stand, I demanded that I go to a hospital.  I don’t like doctors, shots, anything, but I knew that I needed to go.

My dad sped me across town to the emergency room.  I had no expectations, but I just needed help.  I was shaking so hard. I felt like I was going to pass out, but the pain kept me awake.

In the emergency room, they lathered a thick cream all over my arms and wrapped them with a very soft cotton.  While I was warm, I wasn’t burning, and I was so thankful.  They diagnosed me with second degree burns.  They injected me with very strong pain medication and gave me a room to stay the night in.

The next morning, they unwrapped my arms, they looked like they were sunburnt.  The doctor rubbed at my skin, some of it rubbed off like a blister.  He then covered that with pig skin (yes, literal pig skin) and wrapped my arm up again.  I had to return in two days for a check up.

At that check up, the doctor rubbed at my arms again.  This time, about 60% of the skin on my right arm peeled off.  That means 60% of my right arm was covered in pig skin.  Only about 20% on my left hand.  I was bundled up in soft cotton again and sent home!

I’m not sharing this story for sympathy, because my pain has come and gone, however, I think sometimes we just need a reminder that safety needs to come first! Sometimes we forget that a gas grill is actually an incredibly dangerous tool that we use.  Be careful when letting your children help you on them, be careful yourself when you use them.  Burns can be small and almost unnoticeable, but second and third degree burns are horrifying, and they scar, and discolor your skin.  I’m still wearing long sleeves so that I can protect myself.

Are you ready for the pictures?


This is me almost immediately after getting my room.  You can se that my hand looks pretty bad. I was wrapped up til my shoulders.

This is 24 hours after the incident after unwrapping my arms.  They definitely look a little bit cooked, but I personally didn’t think that my arms looked too bad.

This is roughly four days after I got burnt.  On the left: my left forearm going towards my wrist.  My left hand, in my opinion, looks the worst.  But basically, it just peeled like a sunburn.  On the right: That’s my entire left arm healing with pig skin over it. Where it’s yellowish, I could cut off with a scissors, where it’s pink, it’s healing.

What a miserable injury to have, and right before my vacation!  But, all is well.  Currently, my hairline is entirely baby hairs, so that’s annoying.  My left hand is semi discolored and very freckled. I am really upset about my left hand.  And my right arm is pink and not back to normal, yet.  It may always be semi-scarred, but hopefully, it will look less injured in the future.

Have you ever had a substantial injury? A burn? Tell me your stories!




One thought on “Burnt.

  1. So you ended up frying bacon!! The burns don’t look that bad, you were lucky, but I can imagine it hurt like hell. I just burn myself on the oven and I’m in agony. You are very brave, I’m so glad you went to hospital. I agree this post is informative for safety but more than that, it shows your strength and capacity to look after yourself and seek help when you needed it. I hope your recovery continues well and you’re not in any pain x


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