Los Angeles Foodie Recs

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Los Angeles, and I want to share some of my favorite spots to eat or grab drinks. I’m a trendy 23 year old who wants an Instagrammable interior with delicious flavors on my plate.

Disclaimer: Los Angeles is an insanely huge city. These are some of my favorite places that I’ve discovered here. There are thousands of other places to find good food with a great atmosphere. 

Summer Buffalo (Burbank) – This is a delicious Thai restaurant tucked away in Burbank. It’s a fairly small restaurant, but super cozy. This is the first Thai restaurant that I’ve ever eaten at. It was a recommendation from my boyfriend. I had the Not So Ordinary Orange Chicken, and he had the Pad Kee Mau, or the drunken noodles. The menu wasn’t overwhelming, and had plenty of options for beginners, or picky palettes. http://summerbuffalo.com/

The Misfit (Santa Monica) – I tried this with my boyfriend on a whim after walking around the Santa Monica pier. We caught happy hour and squeezed in a few drinks before we got seated. It was pretty busy for a weekday night, but it is in a touristy location. The atmosphere is a speakeasy style straight out of the 20’s. I love it. I had the avocado toast (not very wild, I know). It was fine. The cocktails brought the most excitement here. http://www.themisfitbar.com/

Badmaash (Downtown) – As an avid Indian cuisine enthusiast, I loved discovering this restaurant. I went here to celebrate my birthday, and what a treat it was. It’s a mix of traditional Indian with an American twist. I got naan bread with my chicken tikka masala, but my boyfriend opted for a spiced lamb burger. With options like chicken tikka poutine and masala potato fries on the menu, it was a challenge to make any decisions. The food was delicious, and we ended our meal with a cup of piping hot chai tea. Lovely find. https://www.badmaashla.com/

Bottega Louie (Downtown) – Like I’ve said, I appreciate interior design fit for Instagram. Bottega Louie is one of the most beautiful restaurants that I’ve visited. It feels luxurious and magical, but the price isn’t out of line. There restaurant is broken into the pastry shop with retail candies and cakes, there’s a bar area, and there’s the restaurant itself. I didn’t dine here, but I did get a Princess Cake for my birthday. It was divine. Beautiful pastry work, and candies packaged as if they were props in a Wes Anderson film. I’m in love. https://www.bottegalouie.com/

Republique – As you make your way down South La Brea, you’ll find this beautiful French cafe. The interior of the restaurant is stunning. There are bakers tucked in corners working on pastries. It’s delightful. I ordered Walter’s Favorite, for my brunch. Boyfriend ordered the kimchi fried rice. Both plates were satisfying. We left with no complaints. If you can stop in for breakfast, I would recommend that you try to do so. I’ve heard good things about the dinner menu as well. Overall, I would go back again and again. http://republiquela.com/

The Library (Downtown) – My boyfriend and I found ourselves in this charming lounge after a filling dinner. There’s a wall lined with books, a bust of some important man, and leather couches galore. It’s cozy and dark, and most importantly, quiet. It’s a calm bar among the hustle and bustle of downtown. I had a red wine, he had a beer. https://www.librarybarla.com/

Pink’s (Hollywood) – I don’t always require a picturesque setting to eat my meals. Sometimes I love neon pink signs, with a queue wrapping out the front door to a hot dog stand. Pink’s is a L.A. classic for hot dogs. When I finally made my way there, I wasn’t disappointed. There are too many options, but you won’t be disappointed with whatever you pick. The service is fast and the dogs are hot. I highly recommend! http://www.pinkshollywood.com/

G & B Coffee (Downtown) – I’m the coffee snob of all coffee snobs, so when I find a sweet place like this, I’m excited. I’ve tried Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle and a few other popular spots here, but nothing compared to G & B. I got the Business and Pleasure. A double shot of espresso with an iced almond milk cappuccino. My boyfriend ordered a turmeric latte. The distinct menu, with drinks I’d never even imagined made for an eventful experience here. It’s located in the Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A. If you’re ever in the area, take a look. Even if coffee isn’t your thing, you’ll find something in the marketplace. http://gandb.coffee/

These are just some of my favorite places that I’ve found in the past few months here that I’ve loved. If you have any spots in Los Angeles that you can’t get enough of, let me know in the comments!







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