A Cliche Introduction

Photo on 8-2-13 at 4.05 PM #2

Every blog has an awkward first post, because the writer feels obligated to give readers a brief synopsis of their life or reasoning behind the blog.  I don’t feel obligated to share personal secrets or life habits I don’t approve of.  I do feel obligated to introduce my blog, though.

I wish I could say I was not a stereotypical girl. I wish I could say I was never boy crazed.  But I was.  I cared so much what guys thought of me.  I made sure my hair and make up was flawless.  I bought clothes and shoes that flattered my legs. I lost weight. I altered my normal self to appeal better to men, and it failed.  About two weeks ago, I realized I was going about life all wrong.  I was not put on this blue marble to wear cute dresses so I’m not an eyesore to the male gender.  I was placed here for something greater.  I have my own ambitions, passions, goals, and dreams that I want to live out.  In the upcoming months and years, I hope to finally live.

This blog will hardly waste time on my transformation. It won’t mention the assholes I passed so I could explore the world around me.  This blog is going to be the first thing about ME. I will share my feelings, my outfits, travels, foods, family, ideas, stories, memories, and anything else that pops up in my little blonde head.

I am making this blog to motivate me to travel, to live life on the edge, to experience new things, and to find what makes me happy, as opposed to hoping something will find me.  I hope you will continue to read on with my journey, and my experiences.  My happiness and dreams come first.  No man can keep me chained from my own curiosity.  I must live. I must breathe. Finally.



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